A New Paradigm in Medicine

Exciting changes are occurring in science and medicine that identifies aging as a disease process, not just the inevitable. There is an emerging division within medicine that is focusing on the prevention of age related disease processes that occur within the progression of aging. In the past, the main focus has been on the treatment of the symptoms that occur while aging. Simply put, the new paradigm of medicine is hormone supplementation, more particularly bioidentical hormone supplementation. In the past, it has always been a widely held belief that the aging process is inevitable and we should just accept those changes which occur in the latter part of our lives. Today many physicians still believe that the age related hormonal declines are natural; therefore, the medical community as a whole has been very slow to offer hormone replacement therapy for our rapidly aging population. Contrary to that belief, worldwide research has now shown that a hormonal deficiency associated with aging is no different from a younger person suffering from a hormonal deficiency. Therefore, our goal at Lake Area Age Management is to improve the hormonal deficiency in those individuals who are experiencing the symptoms of hormonal decline.

Hormones and the Aging Process

Multiple endocrine glands are located within the body that produce the hormones needed for our daily functions. This includes the adrenal glands, testes, ovaries, thyroid, pituitary and the pineal gland. With the natural aging process, the level of hormones diminish. The receptor sites within the tissues themselves change with age and are more resistant to hormone stimulation; therefore, resulting in decreased cellular function, cellular repair and hormonal production. Ultimately, this produces the symptoms of aging, which fortunately can be reversed by replacing the hormones to their optimal levels and improving the overall quality of life.

As hormone levels decline so do our physical and mental capabilities. Ultimately, we lose our vitality, strength, energy, physical and total health. With aging, we experience the normal deterioration processes, such as coronary artery disease, muscle atrophy, sleep disorders, depression, mood disorders and general overall decline of health. This deterioration occurs because of the lowered levels of hormones. By restoring the hormones to our youthful level, it is possible to regain the energy and zeal as well as strength within our bodies and our minds. We can improve upon or even reverse any of the symptoms and signs that are associated with the aging process. Youthful resilience is within our grasp if our hormone levels are replenished and monitored correctly.

Biological Identical Hormones

Natural, biological identical hormones mimic the shape and function of the hormones that we produce within our own bodies. The body, therefore, treats and processes these biological identical hormones the same way that it processes our own natural hormones. Bioidentical hormones are safer with fewer side effects than synthetic hormones and have been shown to produce beneficial effects.

Unfortunately, many of the hormones, prescribed to individuals, are not identical to those found in the human body. They are somewhat similar to our own hormones, but are truly not natural to the body; therefore, our body identifies these substances as foreign. Therefore, toxic by-products and other side effects are encountered. Various side effects include serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer as well as lesser side effects such as bloating, mood swings, and water retention. Therefore, one should always insist on biological identical hormones. The longevity and quality of your life depends greatly on the form of hormones that you ingest.

In summary, it is important to provide proper replacement of hormones which are deficient utilizing only biological identical hormones. Understanding which hormones should be replinished, the level to replenish and how to make adjustments is part of the art and science of this new medical specialty.

Getting Started

Lake Area Age Management will conduct an initial consultation with you and draw your blood for testing. Based upon the blood work results as well as other evaluations, Dr. Coleman will formulate an optimal hormone replacement regimen that is specifically tailored to your needs.

The personalized program will include prescription recommendations for appropriate supplements, exercise and possibly other nutritional guidelines. This preventive medicine program is designed to help you feel, function and live your best life with few age related declines. With optimal bioidentical hormone replacement, you can maintain a healthier quality of life for many years to come.